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The Congregation of the Sisters of the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (SABS) was founded officially on 8th December 1908, when the first members received the religious veil at St.George’s Church Edathua. It had its origin in the personal experience of the Eucharistic love and presence of the Venerable Mar Thomas Kurialacherry (1873-1925) the first Bishop of Changanacherry and Rev. Mother Francisca de Chantal (1880 – 1972), the first member of the congregation. The community life of the members for the SABS congregation has begun at the Cattle shed at Edathua of the Servant of God Puthenparambil Thommachen, who was known as ‘Kerala Assisi’. The beginning of the first convent was on Dec.10, 1908 at Champakulam in the district of Alappuzha in Kerala state in South India.

Mar Thomas Kurialacherry says that even from his childhood, he earnestly desired to have a group of people to adore Holy Eucharist, the supreme expression of the love of God to mankind. He was fortunate indeed to have his studies in Mannanam and priestly formation in Propaganda College Rome, where he could deepen his love for the Eucharistic Lord. He used to visit the chapels near the school and College spending time with the Eucharistic Lord in adoration.. The long hours spent before the Blessed Sacrament in the Perpetual Adoration chapels instilled in him a deep personal relationship with Jesus in the Eucharist and an ardent desire that the Holy Eucharist be known, loved and adored by all, always and everywhere. He was attracted and influenced by the word of God “I am come to cast fire on earth; and what will I, if it be already kindled?” (Lk.12, 49). He wanted to bring all the people to the true faith and adoration which he considered would bring victory over the ignorance, faithlessness and adultery prevailing in his home land Kerala and in India.

Our Emblem

It is a Triangle with the inscription, Love, Service and Sacrifice. At the middle, there is the picture of a chalice with the Eucharist raised from it. Both sides of the chalice are two praying hands. Under the chalice is given the letters SABS. The Triangle stands for the Holy Trinity, the centre of our faith. Through loving service all the SABS sisters are called to offer themselves as a pleasing Sacrifice to the Lord. The Eucharist is the focal point of the life of the SABS. Praying hands stands for all the sisters who offer ceaseless Adoration to the Blessed Sacrament. With SABS within the Triangle, all the SABS sisters are placed in the Trinity.

Other helps

  • Education aid
  • Housing loans
  • De-adiction work
  • Treatment,Etc

Healing Ministry

The main goal of our healing ministry is the proclamation of the Good News that life is worth living because it is a precious gift from God. The objective of this ministry is to respond to all those who are in need of healing in the holistic sense and to be sensitive to the needy and committed to serve the poor. We treat all human beings from conception to natural death with deep respect and care. Following the steps of the Good Samaritan, we commit ourselves to the ministry of the sick with tenderness and compassion. Seeing the Eucharistic Lord in the faces of the physically, mentally and spiritually wounded, we give them the compassionate touch of the Lord and try to help them to regain their natural health. 


The goal of Aspirancy is to attain human and Christian maturity and to discern one’s call to religious life. Deepening of Christian faith and formation of a good conscience are emphasized during this period. The aspirants learn to live in the community with others who come from different back grounds. With mutual love and respect, they experience and share the Eucharistic love. The patron saint of aspirants is St. Theresa of lisiuex.